Буковая ламель от производителя /Украина/
Буковая ламель от производителя /Украина/ - фото 1 Буковая ламель от производителя /Украина/ - фото 2 Буковая ламель от производителя /Украина/ - фото 3 Буковая ламель от производителя /Украина/ - фото 4
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Буковая ламель от производителя /Украина/

оптовая цена
590 - 700 /метр куб.
Ortoland Ирина
,  Запорожье, UA
на Флагма с 11 декабря 2013


Оптовая продажа буковой ламели непосредственно от производителя (Украина).
Ламель буковая: 7-слойная, гнутоклеёная с влагоустойчивым внутренним соединением и двухсторонним лаковым покрытием (латофлекс)
Ширина ламели - 68, 65, 53, 50, 38, 35 мм, высота - 8 мм.
Стандартная длина: 590/600, 690/700, 790/800, 890/900, 1000 мм.
Оптовая цена: от 590 до 700 евро за 1 кубометр.
При больших объёмах покупки возможна скидка.
Для получения дополнительной информации, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами по почте или Viber

Wholesale of beech lamella directly from the manufacturer (Ukraine).
Production company "Ortoland" offers lamellas from peeled veneer beech of own manufacturing.

Latoflex is one of the necessary components of modern design of beds, sofas and frame-beds, that is improving the orthopedic effect and the mattress life. Our lamella for orthopedic's bases is made from high-quality beech veneer growing in a very limited area of Western Ukraine in ecologically clean areas. The industrial complex and warehouses of the company are also located in the western part of Ukraine, in the Khmelnitsky region, from where is carried out the direct shipment of our products to any part of country and abroad.

We are constantly developing the production process & technologies and at the moment we begun to produce an extended size of range a higher quality lamella consisting the 7 layers of beech veneer and that "new line" comform the all standards and requirements of our partners in Ukraine, and also in European Union, Asia and the East.

Ortoland company has existed for more than 10 years, during this time we established ourselves as a reliable partners and manufacturer of high-quality products, it’s evidenced by long-term cooperation with biggest leaders of production and sales in the market of furniture and mattresses.

Our partners are in priority for us, is why we select individual and flexible terms of cooperation with each of them; the only thing that remains unchanged is guaranteed high quality, short lead times, reasonable prices


Veneer material: beech
Thickness, mm: 8
Veneer Layers: 7
Length, mm: 590/600, 690/700, 790/800, 890/900, 1000 mm
(by customer specification)
Width, mm: 68, 65, 53, 50, 38, 35 mm(by customer specification)
Fold radius, m: 4,2
Emission class: E1

The cost of lamella is 700 euro/1m3 by purchasing a minimum batch of 1 cubic meter. The prices, terms of cooperation an ongoing basis by large or constanting volumes of purchases are discussed individually.

We'll respond with all our pleasure to your questions by phone/Viber:

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,  Запорожье, UA
на Флагма с 11 декабря 2013

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